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Stevie Lawless Clinches 2023 Best and Fairest Award in NPL 2 Victoria

A Tale of Skill, Commitment, and Loyalty and above all Integrity


In a glittering ceremony last night, the NPL Victoria community came together to celebrate the performers of the 2023 season.


The indomitable Stevie Lawless, whose exceptional talent, unwavering commitment, and unyielding loyalty have left an indelible mark on our world of football, was awarded the coveted 2023 Best and Fairest title, cementing his legacy as a true Werribee footballing legend


We asked Head Coach Domenic Barba to reflect on the season, with Stevie Lawless.


“ Stevie Lawless, is one of our most coveted senior players, whose name is synonymous with leadership, both on and off the field,. At the heart of Stevie’s journey lies a remarkable display dedication, commitment, loyalty and integrity.


Having the great pleasure to coach Stevie in 2023, I found a man with the prowess on the pitch to be a leader of men and at times carrying the team to victory. Stevie has been that man that more often than not, he made conscious decisions to say “today Werribee City FC will  not lose this game”


His tenacity and sheer determination was a hall make of his game, terrorising opponents, leaving them in awe of his ability to turn the game on its head with every action.


I have worked with many players over 30 years of coaching and Stevie has stood out as one of the most impressive young men that I have worked with. His talent that consistently set him apart from others and opposition players would say he is a force to be reckoned and would hate playing against him. They knew it would be a tough day at the office when playing against Steve.


But what truly defines Stevie goes beyond his remarkable talent. It's his unwavering commitment to the game, his team mates, and his Werribee City FC  community resulted in everyone holding him in such high regard.


He has tirelessly poured his heart and soul into every training session and match, setting an example for his teammates that excellence is not an option but a way of life. His commitment to the jersey and the fans has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, a testament to the spirit of dedication that defines him.


Loyalty is another pillar upon which Stevie Lawless's time at Werribee stands tall. Stevie is steadfast in his loyalty to his club and teammates. His unwavering dedication to the cause has created a bond with the fans that transcends the game itself, turning him into a beloved figure who embodies the values of integrity, loyalty, and sportsmanship.


Leadership, however, is where Stevie truly shines. On the field, he's a captain without the title, who leads by example, inspiring his teammates with his unrelenting work ethic and fearless determination. Off the field, he's a mentor, guiding the younger generation of players and instilling in them the values that have guided his own illustrious career.


In the world of football, great players are often surrounded by a team of men who work tirelessly for the success of the collective. Stevie Lawless is no exception. He has thrived in moments, he stood up and made it count, carrying the team on his shoulders when the stakes were highest.


He embodies the notion that true greatness emerges when individuals come together as one, driven by a shared purpose and an unbreakable bond.


In honouring Stevie with the 2023 Best and Fairest award, we celebrate not just a footballer but a role model, a leader, and a symbol of what the beautiful game can achieve when it is played with skill, commitment, loyalty, and an unwavering passion to succeed. Stevie Lawless's journey is a testament to the power of football to inspire and unite, and his legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire for the Werribee City FC.


He certainly was a key reason why Werribee City were very competitive in 2023 and his character and culture infected us all to strive for better, to be better. Stevie thank you for allowing me to coach you in 2023. It is and will always be a pleasure. I teach you learn, Stevie you teach and we all learn much more.


From everyone and Werribee City FC you have made us one very proud club”


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With accredited coaches, we offer a safe, enjoyable, and professional environment, allowing players to progress towards senior football at Werribee City FC.


We prioritize competitiveness across all age groups and squads, maintaining our long-term vision of consistent improvement and flourishing players who are always part of our club family.

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